At Community Villa, we believe that in the World overloaded with Games,
Gamer Communities have never been more valuable.

Bespoke Marketing

Marketing in gamedev is associated with sending out press releases to hundreds of media outlets or influencers. With us, you will be able to make it really appealing and deliver it to the right places rather than spam everybody – it’s about quality, not quantity. It’s also just a small part of how we can promote your game – contact us to learn more!

Pragmatic Consulting

Whether you are wondering about what the best thing to do in terms of marketing & PR is, you’ve got no clue regarding the price and release date of your game or you are not sure about what features to implement into your game to make it more appealing, we are here to advise!

Community Love

We believe that staying in close touch with your gamers and building connections with them is your duty as a developer. It’s at the core of showing your game to the world, and it’s a really time-consuming activity. We will do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on delivering patches, fixes, DLCs or can start a completely new project.

Copywriting with Style

Content creation takes a lot of time, but with Community Villa you are fully covered – from a comprehensive game description, through exciting email newsletters with high open rates to mind-blowing taglines, running a development blog, preparing text for a website or even crowdfunding campaigns.

Social Media Mastery

Social media management is not just about getting more likes anymore. It’s about building an honest relationship with your fans, e.g. by creating unique and engaging content, so that they don’t just follow your game but are also willing to buy it the second it gets released. This is what you care about at the end of the day, isn’t it? So let us do it for you.

Research & Focus Testing

It’s easy to decide about aspects of your game based on your preconceptions, biases and personal opinions. It’s much harder to find out what your potential audience really wants or validate your ideas – we are using data to help you make the best choice possible.

In the world where traditional marketing and paid adverts become less and less effective, and the real power lies in the hands of the crowd and a word of mouth, a new mindset is required. It revolves around the community: building a base of true fans, or as our mentor, Seth Godin calls them – a tribe – who are going to organically build up and maintain hype for your games.

Some fellow happy devs about us 🙂

“The gentlemen from Community Villa helped us a lot with promoting Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator and sustaining community around it. They were full of creative ideas and managed to translate the game's atmosphere to the communication with the players. We will surely continue working with these chaps!”

Kacper KwiatkowskiDesigner and Co-Owner at Vile Monarch

“Community Villa provides a unique set of services that we didn't manage to find anywhere else. These guys also offer incredibly affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of work to any extent. We don't need to worry about e-mail, bug reports, collecting important data, engaging with our playerbase or communicating news to them in an optimal way anymore. It's a huge relief to have Community Villa on our side and one of the elements that allowed us to build such a strong position on the market.”

Adrian ChmielarzCo-owner/Creative Director at The Astronauts

“Guys from Community Villa helped us tremendously. From top-notch community management, through e-mail, customer support and social media traffic coordination up to major PR stunts. Very cool people that enjoy what they do and constantly blow us away with the quality of work they deliver.”

Szymon KrukowskiPR & Community Manager at The SUPERHOT Team

“The team has been really helpful in dealing with our community. Not having to worry about day-to-day issues but yet still being engaged with our players has freed us up to focus on the most important thing; developing our game!”

Justin GuestFounder & Designer at Meteoric Games

“Community Villa shows us that good PR depends on the people - a well-coordinated team that can react efficiently to any emergency. While working on the game "Phantaruk", they did a fantastic job creating quality press packs, interacting with the community, and advising us on PR matters. I sincerely recommend the services of this talented team.”

Patryk PolewiakDesigner & Producer at Polyslash

We know how important it is to have someone fully committed to your project. Thanks to our systems, methods of communication and our core values, we serve you as if we were a part of your core in-house team instead of a typical outsourcing agency. We are also extremely flexible, always adjust our offer to your needs (and your budget!) as well as ensure that we are in line with your plans and philosophy.

We had a great pleasure of working on plenty of wonderful games, including:
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